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Funny stuff:

Yes despite the fact that Anti JN has one, Chester has one, Flapjack has one,Spatch has one, Bill has one and cabbage has one, I've decided that Alt.stuppitty needs yet another best of. Well to be totally correct it's the "best of what I found on my harddrive".

Secret Codes - Spatch's post stuck in my head for months. I'd be on my break when it'd just pop into my head and people would shake there heads as I laughed my face off.

The Summer 1996 Lineup for Stoopid TV - Chesters essential guide to the stoopidist channel there is.

Pers Fitness Program - Per tries to get us up off our fat ass's and feel the burn.

DIE!! HIGH TROJAN MONKEY-OX EYES!!! - Personally, I think Keylime eats those funny herbs.

Mystery Stupid Theater: Rilly bad porn - A classic from the Spatula of Love.

THE IE EMPIRE WILL RISE AGAIN - Little known facts about the country of Ie. What does it all average/mean? Try Chesters footnoted version.

Amazing Recoveries Presents: The Any Key Keyboard - My own little satire on those annoying infomercials that I watch at 2 o'clock in the morning for no apparent reason.

There'd be that sock recipe by Tortess only Bill and Chester beat me too it.

10 most influencial people in my life - It was doomed from the start...

More soon! (ish)