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Students of Blackrock College who have been awarded International Caps

John Edward Arigho, 1928 (Lansdowne)
John Joseph Bellingham, 1921 (Blackrock)
Aidan Malacy Brady, 1966 (UCD and Blackrock)
Niall Henry Brophy, 1957 (UCD and Blackrock)
Daniel Browne, 1921 (Blackrock)
Laurence Quinlivan Bulger, 1896 (D.U. and Lansdowne)
Michael Joseph Bulger, 1889 (D.U. ad Lansdowne)
Lochlann Butler, 1960 (Blackrock)
John Leo Cantrell, 1976 (UCD and Blackrock)
John J. Clune, 1913 (Blackrock)
John J. Coffey, 1900 (Lansdowne)
Morgan Patrick Crowne, 1929 (Lansdowne)
James Crowe, 1970 (UCD and Lansdowne)
Phillip Martin Crowe, 1935 (Blackrock)
Denis John Cussen, 1921 (D.U.)
Michael Gilbert Delany, 1895 (Bective)
Neil Francis, 1987 (Blackrock)
Harry Harbison, 1984 (Bective)
James Ronald Kavanagh, 1953 (UCD and Wanderers)
Patrick Joseph Kavanagh, 1952 (UCD and Wanderers)
Job Langbroek, 1987 (Blackrock)
Laurence L'Estrange, 1931 (D.U. and Blackrock)
Laurence Bernard McMahon, 1931 (UCD and Blackrock)
Hugo P. McNeill, 1981 (Oxford University London Irish and Blackrock)
Jerome Patrick Mullane, 1928 (Limerick Bohemians)
Brendan Mullin, 1985 (Oxford University London Irish and Blackrock)
Paul Murray, 1927 (Wanderers and Blackrock)
Patrick Joseph O'Connor, 1887 (Lansdowne)
Reginald Odbert, 1828 (R.A.F.)
David O'Loughlin, 1938 (U.C.C.)
Sean Quinlan, 1956 (Highfield and Blackrock)
Joseph P. Quinn, 1910 (D.U.)
John M. Quirke, 1962 (UCD and Blackrock)
Alain Rolland, 1991 (Blackrock)
John Fergus Slattery, 1970 (UCD and Blackrock)
Alex William Spain, 1925 (UCD)
P.J. Stokes, 1913 (Blackrock)
James Austin Sweeney, 1907 (Blackrock)
Patrick Noel Turley, 1962 (Blackrock)
Edward Joseph Walsh, 1987 (Lansdowne)

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