Music in the Stone

In the beginning was the silence. The first music was wind and ocean. Before the symphony of other sounds began, nature spent millions of years in meditation, its great solitude calmed and calmed by the mantra of its own breathing. The secret music of nature is concealed in the stone.

The Burren in western Ireland is a limestone paradise. Some wild and surrealistic God sculpted here the most unexpected and magical stone shapes. Mullaghmore mountain is the tabernacle of the Burren, its folded shape evokes a poignancy and a sense of reverence. Once glimpsed it can never be forgotten. The history and the mystery of the Burren come alive in its elegance and silence.

Mullaghmore is a sacred mountain. Now the wheels of greed are rolling towards it. This cassette is part of the brave endeavour of the Burren Action Group to save Mullaghmore. This is the second anniversary in our campaign.*

Music is the most powerful human sound. We place these 14 icons of music before the mountain. With them we praise the ancient music hidden in its silence. We thank all the artists who for two years have given so freely and faithfully off their gifts. We thank all who have stood with us. May the spirit of Mullaghmore bless everyone. Enjoy the music!

John O'Donohue
April 1993

(* we have already entered the ninth year of our campaign)

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1. The Sound of Stone (1:42)
(Poem by P.J. Curtis)
Tim Dennehy.

2. The May Morning Dew (3:20)
(Trad. Arr. D. Spillane / G. Boland)
Davy Spillane.
Davy Spillane; Low Whistle.
Greg Boland; Keyboards.

3. The Fertile rock (3:42)
(Luka Bloom Warner/ Chappell Music Pub.)
Luka Bloom.
Luka Bloom: Vocals/Guitar.
Paul Barrett; Keyboards.
Conor Byrne; Flute/Low Whistle

4. The Pub Jig (3:00)
(Trad. Arr. S. Shannon/P. Kelly/G. O'Beirne/T. Hutchinson)
The Sharon Shannon Band
Sharon Shannon; Accordion.
Paul Kelly; Fiddle.
Gerry O'Beirne; Guitar.
Trevor Hutchinson; Double bass.

5. Miss Burren, Co. Clare (3:23)
(Frankie Lane)
Frankie Lane.
Frankie Lane; Vocals/guitar/Dobro.
Garry O'Briain; Bass.
Alan Glynn; Drums.

6. Rodney Millar's / The Battering Ram (4:10)
(Trad. Arr. Mary Custy Band)
The Mary Custy Band.
Mary Custy; Fiddle.
Eoin O'Neill; Bouzouki.
Kevin Glynn; Bass.
Gerry Molloy; Electric Guitar.
Andy Palferman; Percussion.

7. For Mullaghmore (3:47)
Gerry Molloy; Vocals / Acoustic Guitar.
Mary Custy; Fiddle.
John Lamb; Uilleann Pipes / Low Whistle / Backing Vocals.
Andy Palferman; Percussion.
Frank Owens; Bass.

8. Bonny Portmore (3:57)
(Trad. Arr. L. McKennitt / Quinlan Road Music Pub.)
Loreena McKennitt.
Loreena McKennitt; Vocals / Keyboards.
Anne Bourne; Cello.
Tom Hazlett; Bass.
Patrick Hutchinson; Uilleann Pipes.


1. The Progress of Man (3:19)
(N. Sheedy)
Niall Sheedy.
Niall Sheedy; Vocals / Guitar.
Kevin Griffin; Bouzouki.
Garry O'Briain; Keyboards.
Kevin Crawford; Percussion.

2. The Mountain Twig / The Donegal Reel (4:20)
(Trad. Arr. K. Crawford and P. Marsh)
Kevin Crawford and Pat Marsh.
Kevin Crawford; Flute.
Pat Marsh; Bouzouki.

3. One Starry Night (3:32)
(Trad. Arr. Sean Tyrrell)
Sean Tyrrell.
Sean Tyrrell; Vocals / Guitar.
Liam Lewis; fiddle.
Steve Hanks; Sax.
Shane Holden; Acoustic Guitar.

4. An Gleann Cuin (The Quiet Glen) (Tommy Peoples) / The Daisyfield (Trad. Arr. Tommy and Siobhan Peoples) (2:56)
Tommy & Siobhan Peoples and Garry O'Briain.
Tommy Peoples; Fiddle.
Siobhan Peoples; Fiddle.
Garry O'Briain; Mandocello / Keyboards.

5. Amhran na Boirne (4:20)
(J. Flanagan)
John Flanagan.
John Flanagan; Unaccompanied Vocals.

6. The Limestone Rock / The Laurel Bush / The Silver Spear (3:12)
(Trad. Arr. Moving cloud)
The Moving Cloud.
Paul Brock; Accordion.
Maeve Donnelly; Fiddle.
Manus McGuire; Fiddle.
Kevin Crawford; Flute.
Carl Hession; Piano.

7. The May Morning Dew (2:14)
(Trad. Arr. Davy Spillane / P.J. Curtis)
Davy Spillane.
Davy Spillane; Low Whistle.

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