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While Ireland has about 1% of the European Union's population, it receives 25% of US investment in manufacturing industry in Europe. Since 1980, 40% of all inward investment in the European electronics sector has been based in Ireland. Five of the world's ten largest software companies have development or production facilities in Ireland and 60% of all software packages sold in Europe are produced in the country. Ireland is now the largest exporter of computer software on the planet. Thirteen of the world's top fifteen pharmaceutical companies have R&D and/or manufacturing operations in Ireland. The Dublin International Financial Services Center is the prime return on investment location within the EU for the financial services industry.


The Euro - simplifying business across Europe

Ireland has been a full member of the Euro Currency Zone since its inception. The Euro lowers the administrative and financial costs of trade by simplifying accounting for cross border transactions and eliminating foreign exchange dealing costs.  The Euro makes it easier for internationally active companies to exploit economies of scale, reduce operational complexity, cut costs, and enforce consistent business practices by moving to a pan European shared service model.  

Payments denominated in Euro made from any Eurozone country are cleared for same day value in Ireland. Many MNCs have centralized their European or Global treasury management operations in Ireland to benefit from access to the Euro same day electronic payment infrastructure.  


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