1. Printing extracts from this web site

Please feel free to print extracts from this site for your personal use - so long as you observe the copyright of the material.

Problems when printing from Netscape Navigator

Some Netscape Navigator users have problems printing extracts from this web site. This is due to the fact that most pages have a colo(u)red background, and Netscape Navigator appears to have a problem printing certain text/graphics combinations where a background is specified in the html file.

Three alternative workaround solutions:

2. Problem finding the information you are looking for?

Firstly check the site index . If it is not in the index please send Feedback You might also want to try this

3. Objects too large on screen - screen sizing problems

The frames version of this site will only operate satisfactorily on a medium or higher resolution monitor. If you are using a low resolution monitor
Start here.If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer also try clicking on the Font icon to reduce the font sizes.

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