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Piasecki's "Last Supper" painting goes on public display

The painting of the Last Supper by Polish artist Bohdan Piasecki, commissioned by BASIC (see BASIC's "LAST SUPPER" Project), was hung for public viewing in the Irish School of Ecumenics, Bea House, Milltown Park, Dublin 6, on 21st November 1998.

The painting was unveiled at a simple launch ceremony at the school, before an enthusiastic audience of more than 50 people. The launch was celebrated with wine and canapes, and most of those present took the opportunity to buy 2/3 size poster prints of the painting.

These posters, measuring 100×50.5cm (39.3×20 inches), are exact replicas of the print presented to President Mary McAleese on November 9th. They are available for sale at IR£5 plus postage and packing, the proceeds going to defray the cost of the painting. All enquiries to

Saint Francois,
Avoca Avenue,
Co. Dublin

Phone: +353 1 288 5520
E-mail basic@indigo.ie

After a season on display at the School of Ecumenics, BASIC plans to exhibit the painting at other public venues around Ireland and abroad.

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