Oileáin is an evolving guide to the Irish islands written by David Walsh.

Oileáin has continued to grow since its publication as a book in June 2004, and now includes 405 islands. My particular thanks for the ongoing efforts of Sean Pierce, a most enthusiastic contributor - thanks Sean, and also to Ciaran Clissman and Alan Horner. I have added the Hook, as well as parts of the coastline of County Waterford. Oileáin also deals with parts of 10 of the 15 mainland coastal counties.

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I have compiled a list of many remoter, harder Irish offshore islands and rocks,
and on which, which kayakers are thought at present to have landed there "first".
This hopes to reflect in an obscure way an interesting insight into a small part of
what Irish sea kayakers were at in the late 20th century. First Known Kayak Landings

Books and Further Reading on Irish islands and Irish sea kayaking. These include source material for Oileáin. Source Material

"Oileáin" deals with landings on islands, camping spots, availability of drinking water, tidal streams, history or natural history where known or researched, birds and wildlife as available, and general information. It is intended to be similar in purpose to a nautical Pilot or Sailing Directions, but dedicated to sea kayaks and other very small craft, with a lot of extras.

"Oileáin" is an Irish word meaning "islands", and is pronounced roughly "ill-aw-in".

As of December 2005, there were 335 islands touched on (the most recent of which are the Sovereign Islands, for which thanks to the Pirate Queen, a.k.a. our own Eileen Murphy who took time out on her recent circumnavigation of Ireland to present this info to Oileáin. Also dealt with are the mainland coasts (to some degree) of 9 of the 15 coastal counties (Derry, Antrim, Down, Louth, Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford, Cork, Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal).

This site formerly hosted the Irish Sea Kayaking Association www.irishseakayakingassociation.com, a voluntary association which independently represents Sea Kayaking / Sea Canoeing in Ireland. ISKA is my home. I was its Chair from 1995 to 2003. On its website you will find additional information to do with current activity inside modern Irish sea kayaking. Here you will find "What's On", a hyper-active Bulletin Board, a photo gallery, details of our extensive library (members, in Ireland, only), and of course our newsletters going back to 1996.

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