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2000 A.D.  Story Index

Progs 1 to 100
Progs 101 to 200
Progs 201 to 300
Progs 301 to 400
Progs 401 to 500
Progs 501 to 600
Progs 601 to 700
Progs 701 to 800
Progs 801 to 900
Progs 901 to 1000
Progs 1001 to ...
  All images in this section are copyright © Egmont Fleetway Ltd. 
I've been reading 2000AD since it first appeared in 1977; but due to an unfortunate trip to a jumble sale by my mother in the early eighties, someone else got the first couple of years worth of comics for a penny each. (If you're out there, I want 'em back!)

So I've been slowly rebuilding my collection over the last few years. I was doing this index anyway so I decided I may as well share it with everyone else on the planet. I'm sure there are many inaccuracies, and I know there are many omissions. If anyone would like to help correct this, feel free to tell me in the guestbook, or by mail.  

I'm amazed that there are  2000 AD people out there.
last update 01.08.98