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 This is where I keep all the cool stuff that I find on the net. I have to keep it somewhere or I'll forget it all. The list is far from complete, but I'm trying to avoid putting the obvious things up here. If you've come across any particularly interesting services or applications, let me know and I'll include them here. Wondering about your browser version / screen resolution etc? Go here for some vital statistics.
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Yahoo! is one of the best known seach engines on the web, and now they've got this cool little remote search facility. I find it extremely handy, cos it sits in its own little browser window and avoids all that back and forward clicking.

Of course, this little baby from Alta Vista is even handier. You can search right from here!

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Guestbooks can be hard to code, and it can be impossible to get your ISP's permission to use one. Yasg have changed all that. They host the guestbook on their server in Denmark, and you can change it's properties to suit the look of your own site. Why not sign mine while you're here?

Is your URL impossible to remember? Then just hide it and use another. Monolith Internet Services provide a free browser redirect service that can make your url more recognisable. For example:
is a site which investigates the so-called Ozark Howler. If they used MIS' service, the address could look like:
A much simpler and better address, I think you'll agree.

Can't find a mailing list about your pet subject? Start your own with Makelist.com. Just fill out a simple form, and within ten minutes you'll be the moderator of your own mailing list; and the best thing is you can throw out any members who disagree with you!

ICQ is just the coolest internet application I've ever come across. I'm still finding new uses for it months later. It's basically an online contact manager and chat client, but there's so much more. The panel below will tell you if I'm online right now,
and if I am you can send me a message in this panel and I'll get it immediately. If not, I'll get it automatically the next time I log on.
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Metal Knights is the thinking psychopath's game. Hundreds, if not thousands of people from around the world, all trying to kill each other across three servers of mayhem. This game is pure strategy, turn-based, so there's no need for a quick trigger finger. Players can play alone against other players, or come together as alliances to play against other groups. When you sign up to a server, you get the rank of cadet, and it keeps track of all your games so you can advance up through the ranks all the way past General to become the sole Metal Knight on the server. This isn't just a game, it's a whole society. Granted a fairly sick and violent society, but a society none the less.

 For a simpler type of 'net game, you can try out the Towers of Hanoi right here on my site.

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