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 Joe Harte is an I.T. consultant living in Sligo, Ireland, who likes to refer to himself in the third person. Born in 1967, he missed all the good decades and was forced to grow to maturity in the Eighties. He made the best of this by moving to Galway where he spent an interesting decade being drunk. While there he got a bachelors degree in English, Sociology & Politics.

Some years later, having found the demand for these skills overwhelming (especially if one likes tending bar and moving furniture for a living), he decided to return to college. He dragged his unholy carcass to the very seat of Catholicism in Ireland, St. Patrick's College Maynooth; and nine months later became the proud father of a bouncing baby Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (hons).

A glittering career with a multinational software company beckoned, flirted, batted its eyelids, and then refused to put out. Meanwhile, a local company needed some work done cheap, so Joe bravely stepped into the breach. A new direction was born. Joe now services the I.T. needs of several local businesses on a day to day basis, as well as taking many one-off contracts.

He shares a house with a Northerner and an insane dog, and he still misses the less-than-lucrative career of Talking Poetry in Bars.

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