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In association with amazon.com, the world's biggest bookstore, HackWatch is introducing a book section to the hackwatch.com sites. The books listed here are ones that have been carefully reviewed and are quite relevant. Apart from the books handled by Waterford University Press and Baylin Publications, the ordering, distribution and despatch of books is handled by Amazon.com in the USA.

Over the next few days, each book listed here will have a review page added. This is very much an ongoing operation and more books will be added in time. The main thing is that unlike the typical bookshop, this one is a specialist one. The books listed on this site will be of direct, and in some cases essential, interest.

The book sections are listed as a clickable menu on the left hand side. Clicking on any of these sections will take you to a page listing recommended books in that section. Again over the next few days, reviews of each of the books listed will be posted.

Applied Cryptography : Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C by Bruce Schneier

This is the Holy Grail of Cryptography - a book that covers cryptography in a readable and understandable manner. It also contains source code for most of the common algorithms in use today.

This book is recommended as it will provide a solid grounding in cryptography. The knowledge in this book is essential in order to understand how crypto systems actually work. According to Wired, this is the book that the NSA wished was never published.

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