Our Pastimes

Gaelic Football

  • Kilnamartyra has a strong football tradition stretching back to the 19th century.

  • In 1899 a team of 21 players won a game played in Macroom.

  • In 1938 and again in 1964 the club unsuccessfully contested divisional finals but finally won in 1985.

  • A new football pitch was opened in the village in 1991 and recently a 40 foot by 20 foot handball court has been added.

  • 1996 saw under age teams win the under 13 and under 16 divisional championships.

    This is our football pitch

    Sean O Siochain

    Sean O Siochain, born in Kilnamartyra village, died recently in Dublin. He later became Director General of the G.A.A.

    A former Gaelic football star, actor and singer, he became a national figure. He was very highly regarded in his native district with which he retained close links.

    Here is his former home in the village, which was a great centre of social activities. Local people gathered there to sing, storytell and play cards .

    Look at Seán's Return

Road Bowling

  • Bowling is palyed with a iron ball or bowl which weighs about 290 grammes.
  • The player holds the bowl in his palm and fingers and following a run-up of 5 metres the arm is swung backwards through a full circle and the bowl is released with an under arm throw.
  • The player in the picture has just delivered the bowl.
  • The object is to cover a fixed distance on the road in least number of throws. The game is played on ordinary roads, often fairly narrow; 3-4 metres wide.

  • Each succeeding throw is taken from where the previous throw finished, somewhat like golf.

  • Thousands are wagered on games and on throws.

  • The game is organised and championships are played which cater for all grades and ages.


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