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November 1995 - Issue five.

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Telecom to host Charity Fair
New Superphone card for U.C.G. 150
Smithwicks and Oireachtas
New Telecom Eireann issues
Concise Catalogue reviewed inside
Details of club card
Irish Collection Checklist
Great Connaught Exhibition & more...


Welcome to the WWW edition of the Celtic Callcard Club Newsletter. Copies can also be found in the ie.news newsgroup, or obtained by e-mail from Alan.Brett@ucg.ie. Also printed editions are available - You can submit articles / or information by writing to Alan Brett, Gortatleva, Bushypark, Galway, or by e-mailing me at the above address. Also printed editions are available - which is available free to club members, and is available to non members at 1 per issue including postage within Ireland.

Telecom Eireann Issues.

Since our last issue, Telecom have been quite busy - a listing of new issues follows.

Celtic Callcard Club Meetings.

Forthcoming club meeting dates are:-

All those attending the AGM on December 11 shall be entered into a draw for a Superphone/Celtic Callcard Club dummy card. Meetings are held in the American Hotel, Eyre Square on the second Saturday of each month at 3pm. All are welcome.

Other Irish Phonecard Clubs.

Shannonside Callcard Collectors Club - Michael Hartnett 061 - 451228

Cork Callcard Collectors Club - Anne Broderick 021 - 821671. Meetings held in 8a McCurtain St, Cork on the last Friday of each month.


UCD / Telephone Company of Ireland.

Telephonecards by Post are about to issue a new chip card which will feature Michael Collins for use in the UCD phones. The standard Cambridge front will be used but the reverse will have artwork of their own design. For more details write to:- Telephone Cards by Post, 28 Carton Court, Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

TE Callcard Collectors Club.

On 31 August, in my position as club secretary, I wrote to Telecom Eireann requesting information on certain matters, in particular card issuing policies and whether they intended to attend fairs in the future. I got a reply this week from Mairead Ryan of the TE CallCard Collector's Club. There were two important items of news in her reply:- "In your letter you enquired as to the possibility of producing a short run card for your club, I regret Telecom Eireann are not in a position to produce a short run card at present, as we only have a limited number of short run slots which have already been allocated." This seems to suggest that Telecom now seem to have a firm issuing policy and it will be intriguing to see the consequences. It seems that they are limiting the number of short run cards they intend to issue, and this must surely be a good thing. And there is a hint of imminent short run cards in that their slots have already been filled! "Telecom Eireann, in conjunction with The Richmond Brain Research Foundation and The Society for the Blind in Ireland will host an International Callcard Charity fair on 16 and 17 March, 1996 in Jury's Hotel Dublin, and therefore ............" Wow!!! Finally Telecom seem to be trying to give the hobby a boost with this announcement - maybe all the moaning has worked after all! Now all we need is for better access to the club itself. It seems as if there have been major changes in Telecom of late, and so let's give them a chance to see how they progress. Maybe they can sway the feelings of many of our members also, who when the topic was discussed at our last club meeting described them in not too generous terms!

Event News.

The Concise Irish Callcard Catalogue.

The third edition of the Concise Irish Callcard Catalogue was published in September. Compiled by Piero Tintori, this is an improvement on the previous editions, although I find the numbering system a little frustrating. Still a lot of information is packed into its 160 pages, and it remains the best guide available on Irish cards. The first 1000 copies contained a free Amerivox card, which is also a Cardex card. Copies of the catalogue are available at 8 from most dealers & clubs, or you can contact Piero at 1 Pinewood Grove, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. (01-8422156) or e-mail at Tintori@iol.ie. If ordering by post add 1.50 for postage & packaging.

New / Previously unlisted Irish Related Cards.

Kilmainham saw the release of many cards:-

1. Door Card - BT - 5u - Kilmainham Ringmoney #2 (4,000)

2. BT - 10u - Phonecard Direct / Map (2,250)

3. BT - 5u - Celtic Promotions / Molly Malone (1,000)

4. BT - 5u - ITC Magazine / Molly Malone (3,000)

5. ACMI - $6 Philatelecard / J.F. Kennedy, 28p Irish stamp embedded into card (450).

Also issued were a BT overprint and a Superphone card - A Winning Hand, a montage. Down the road at the Central Hotel, a door card was also available by BT - 5 units, showing the Customs House (2,000).

Two 5 unit BT cards were issued by John Desmond for his Cork Fair depicting Cork City Hall, one a daytime view (1,000), and one a night-time view (1,100).

The door card for that July Cork Fair showed the Arms of Cork and again was a 5 unit BT, print run 1,500. This is available in red, black and blue wallets.

Other cards issued for the fair included a BT 5 unit depicting Shandon Bells, a BT 5 unit by Slingshot for Guinness and the 5 unit BT Balloon card ( all 1,000).

C.I.P.E. 95 was held in Cork in September and a BT card was issued - 5 units, showing Patrick St., Cork. One thousand cards were printed with two different folders available.

A 5 unit BT card commemorating the 750th celebrations in Sligo apparently 2,000 issued. Does anyone know if the GAA card rumoured to be appearing is actually out yet?? Supposedly depicting Croke Park, the GAA were said to have wanted 5,000 for permission to use their logo.

Some Northern Irish releases include the 20 unit BT - Belfast and Proud (1,000) {a very nice card!} and a 20 unit BT - Northern Ireland New Ideas (2,000).

A 5 unit BT card has been issued recently for the 150th anniversary of U.C.C. with a print run of 1,000 cards.

A BT card was also commissioned by ACE Phonecards featuring Eddie Irvine driving the Jordan Peugeot 195 Formula One car.

Two cards have been issued by a Dublin Law firm - the same as The Four Courts TE card. A 5 unit Manx Telecom card featuring the Customs House and the Financial Services Centre, Dublin (5,000) and a 5 unit BT card showing Kings Inn (4,750).

Further cards are listed in Piero Tintori's Concise Irish Callcard Catalogue, in which there is quite a comprehensive section on Irish related material.

Irish Collection Checklist.

A fairly comprehensive and re-structured Irish Collection Checklist follows. This may be useful for sending to your exchange partners overseas. Any further information welcomed.

Telecom Eireann

Telecom Eireann - Standard Issues

[1] 5u, 04.88, Dublin trial, 4,770, DT, GPT

[2] 10u, 04.88, Dublin trial, 78,500, DT, GPT

[3] 20u, 04.88, Dublin trial, 47,250, DT, GPT

[4] 50u, 04.88, Dublin trial, 16,930, DT, GPT

[5] 100u, 04.88, Dublin trial, 6,000, DT, GPT

[6] 10u, 09.88, Dublin Millennium, 10,000, DTS, GPT

[7] 100u, 09.88, FITCE, 960, DTS, GPT

[8] 5u, 02.89, Limerick trial, 5,500, LT, Aut

[9] 10u, 02.89, Limerick trial, 35,500, LT, Aut

[10] 20u, 02.89, Limerick trial, 15,500, LT, Aut

[11] 50u, 01.89, Limerick trial, 3,250, LT, Aut

[12] 100u,03.89, Limerick trial, 1,100, LT, Aut

[13] 20u, 05.89, IMI Conference 1989, 250, LTS, Aut

[14] 50u, 05.89, IMI Conference 1989, 750, LTS, Aut

[15] 5u, 09.89, Galway trial, 5,000, GT, L & G

[16] 10u, 09.89, Galway trial, 10,000, GT, L & G

[17] 20u, 05.89, Galway trial, 16,000, GT, L & G

[18] 50u, 09.89, Galway trial, 2,000, GT, L & G

[19] 100u, 09.89, Galway trial, 1,000, GT, L & G

[20] 50u, 04.90, IMI Conference 1990., 2,500., S, Sch

[21] 5u, 04.90, Teddy Bear, 77,000, C, Gem

[22] 20u, 06.90, Cottage, 3,771,100, D, Gem & Sch

[23] 50u, 06.90, EC Presidency 1990, 111,000, D, Gem

[24] 100u, 06.90, Rock of Cashel, 35,000, D, Gem

[25] 5u, 03.91, St. Patrick's Day, 20,000, C, Gem

[26] 20u, 05.91, All-Ireland Hurling, 20,000, S, Gem

[27] 20u, 05.91, All-Ireland Football, 20,000, S, Gem

[28] 10u, 06.91, Horse Racing in Ireland, 166,000, D, Sch

[29] 10u, 06.91, Irish Horse Racing, 4,205,000, D, Gem & Sch & Orga

[30] 50u, 06.91, EC City of Culture 1991, 740,342, D, Gem & Sch

[31] 100u, 06.91, An tOireachtas 1991, 99,400, D, Gem

[32] 5u, 11.91, Treaty of Limerick, 12,000, C, Gem

[33] 5u, 12.91, Kellogg's, 209,000, Pr, Gem

[34] 50u, 03.92, Trinity College, 350,000, D, Gem & Sch

[35] 20u, 08.92, Rose of Tralee 1992, 150,000, S, Gem

[36] 10u, 11.92, Christmas 1992, 150,000, S, Gem

[37] 5u, 12.92, Montage, 100,000, C, Pr, Gem

[38] 10u, 01.93, St. Valentines Day 1993, 150,000, S, Sch

[39] 10u, 03.93, Easter 1993, 150,000, S, Gem

[40] 20u, 04.93, Blink - EMI Records, 202,000, A, Gem

[41] 5u, 05.93, Royal Hospital Fair, 1,100, P, Sch

[42] 10u, 05.93, Jacob's, 100,000, Pr, A, Gem

[43] 20u, 06.93, Tina Turner - EMI, 200,000, A, Gem & Sch

[44] 10u, 08.93, Bondex, 205,000, A, Gem

[45] 20u, 08.93, Rose of Tralee 1993, 200,000, S, Gem

[46] 10u, 10.93, Communications 1993, 200,000, S, Gem

[47] 10u, 10.93, Cable & Wireless, 10,000, Pr, Gem

[48] 20u, 10.93, An tOireachtas 1993, 100,000, S, Gem

[49] 10u, 10.93, Tia Maria, 10,000, Pr, Gem

[50] 50u, 10.93, EC Year of the Elderly, 100,000, S, Gem

[51] 10u, 11.93, Christmas 1993, 200,000, S, Gem & Sch

[52] 20u, 12.93, Diana Ross - EMI , 200,000, A, Gem

[53] 10u, 01.94, Aladdin, 150,000, A, Gem

[54] 50u, 01.94, Cobh Heritage Centre, 125,000, S, Gem

[55] 10u, 03.94, Design Competition, 200,000, S, Gem

[56] 10u, 03.94, Erin Hot Cup's, 100,000, Pr, A, Gem

[57] 20u, 03.94, Garth Brooks - EMI , 400,000, A, Gem

[58] 10u, 06.94, FIFA World Cup Soccer, 600,000, S, Gem

[59] 20u, 06.94, Guinness Toucan, 200,000, A, Gem

[60] 50u, 06.94, Air Corps Alouette III, 75,000, S, Gem

[61] 20u, 07.94, Guinness Festivals, 200,000, A, Sch

[62] 50u, 07.94, World Cup Hockey, 100,000, S, Gem

[63] 100u, 07.94, An tOireachtas, 15,000, D, Gem

[64] 10u, 08.94, Proctor and Gamble, 200,000, A, Sch

[65] 20u, 08.94, Rose of Tralee 1994, 200,000, , Sch

[66] 10u, 09.94, Siemens, 200,000, A, Gem

[67] 20u, 09.94, Ford Mondeo, 200,000 , A, Sch

[68] 10u, 09.94, Niamh, {?}, D, Gem & Sch

[69] 20u, 09.94, Aoife, {?}, D, Gem & Sch

[70] 50u, 09.94, Deirdre, {?}, D, Gem & Sch

[71] 100u, 09.94, Oisin, {55,000 +}, D, Gem & Sch

[72] 5u, 10.94, Eagle Star, {55,000+}, Pr, Sch

[73] 20u, 10.94, Gordon's Gin, {200,000}, A, Sch

[74] 10u, 10.94, Eurobase, {4,000}, Pr, Sch

[75] 10u, 10.94, Tia Maria 2, {4,000}, Pr, Sch

[76] 50u, 10.94, Wexford Opera Festival, {25,000}, S, Gem

[77] 20u, 11.94, Irish Kidney Association, {200,000}, A, Gem

[78] 10u, 11.94, Christmas 1994, {260,000}, S, Sch

[79] 5u, 12.94, C.A.N., {4,000}, Pr, Sch

[80] 10u, 02.95, Four Courts, {4,000}, Pr, Sch

[81] 10u, 02.95, 3M, {4,000}, Pr, Sch

[82] 10u, 03.95, Design a Callcard 1995, {200,000?}, S, Gem

[83] 20u, 03.95, Communications 1995, {150,000}, S, Sch

[84] 50u, 03.95, Rotunda Hospital, {25,000}, S, Sch

[85] 5u, 05.95, Call Box, {60,000}, C, Sch

[86] 100u, 06.95, Brazilian Challenge {25,000}, S, Gem

[87] 50u, 07.95, Barnardos {50,000), S, Gem

[88] 20u, 07.95, Voices of the World, {300,000}, S, Sch

[89] 10u, 07.95, Guardian Direct, {200,000}, A, Gem

[90] 100u, 07.95, Suzuki Convention, {12,000}, S, Gem

[91] 5u, 07.95, Tracey Solicitors, {10,000}, Pr, Gem

[92] 20u, 08.95, Rose of Tralee 1995, {150,000}, S, Gem

[93] 50u, 08.95, European Hockey 1995, {50,000}, S, Sch

[94] 50u, 09.95, Foxford Woollen Mills, {50,000}, S, Gem

[95] 50u, 09.95, United Nations, {50,000}, S, Gem

[96] 10u, 09.95, ACC Bank, {200,000}, A, Sch

[97] 20u, 09.95, Reach Out, {100,000}, A, Sch

[98] 10u, 10.95, Pocahontas, {200,000}, A, Gem

[99] 20u, 10.95, Time Out, {320,000}, A, Sch

[100] 50u, 11.95, An tOireachtas, {50,000}, S, Sch

[101] 10u, 11.95, Smithwicks, {?}, A, Sch

Telecom Eireann - Multi-purpose cards

So far there is only this one, issued for the Gaudi Project trial in Dublin.

[1] 10u~, DASH trial card, Sch. {2,500}

~There were 2.00 units of free calls, however others could be added by payment.

Telecom Eireann - Test and Service Cards.

Test and Service card also exist, these are quite elusive and expensive when available. Not much is known. I have attempted to list the ones I am aware of, but this list is not comprehensive. There are probably many others.

[1] 1000u, Plessey - Red Handset, GPT.

[2] ?u, Blue Arrow, Autelca.

[3] 240u, Blue 2 Track Service Card, L & G.

[4] 150u, Standard Test Card, Sch.

[5] ?u, Monetel, Gem. {6}

[6] ?u, ICE Test Card 1, Orga. {43}

[7] ?u, ICE Test Card 2, Orga.

[8] ?u, Brevetron Innovotron - Soliac 45060, Soliac.

[9] 20u, Cottage - black reverse, Soliac. {1000)

[10] ?u, Test Card 1, McCorquodale.

[11] ?u, Test Card, SGS-Thompson.

[12] 50u?, Irish Horse Racing, INTEL.

[13] ?u, Irish Horse Racing, McCorquodale?

[14] ?u, DASH, Gem.

Superphone - Chip cards

[T] 30u, 06.94, Alcock & Brown #1, {13}, Gem

[F] none, 01.95, Alcock & Brown - 1st transatlantic flight, {200}, ODS

[1] 30u, 02.95, Father of the Submarine - John Philip Holland, {500}, ODS

[2] 30u, 03.95, Tallaght Aerodrome - De Havilland 6 , {500}, ODS

[3] 30u, 03.95, Tallaght Aerodrome - Avro 504k, {500}, ODS

[4] 30u, 04.95, Communications 95, {500}, ODS

[5] 30u, 04.95, World Cup - Ireland Italy, {210}, ODS

[6] 30u, 04.95, World Cup - Ireland Norway, {210}, ODS

[7] 30u, 04.95, World Cup - Ireland Mexico, {210}, ODS

[8] 30u, 04.95, World Cup - Ireland Holland, {210}, ODS

[9] 30u, 04.95, World Cup - Ireland USA, {210}, ODS

[10] 30u, 06.95, Montage - A Winning Hand, {750}, ODS

[11] 20u, 07.95, Celtic CallCard Club Galway, {750}, ODS

[12] 20u, 12.95, UCG 150 / UCG Ladies Soccer - coming soon, {?}, ODS

Superphone - Magnetic Cards

[1] 5u, trial card - With Compliments {100}

[2] 10u, Plain card, no logo

[3] 5u, With Compliments

[4] 10u, With Compliments

[5] 20u, With Compliments

[6] 50u, With Compliments

[7] 5u, With Compliments - name over logo

[8] 10u, With Compliments - name over logo

[9] 5u, Ardcavan Coaches

[10] 10u, Ardcavan Coaches

[11] 5u, Collin's Coaches

[12] 10u, Collin's Coaches

[13] 5u, Cronin's of Cork

[14] 10u, Cronin's of Cork

[15] 5u, Donnelly's buses

[16] 10u, Donnelly's Buses

[17] 5u, Eirebus

[18] 10u, Eirebus

[19] 5u, Rapid Express

[20] 10u, Rapid Express

[21] 5u, O'Briens Shipping

[22] 10u, O'Briens Shipping

[23] 5u, Paycall - Stena Sealink

[24] 10u, Paycall - Stena Sealink

[25] 20u, Paycall - Stena Sealink

[26] 5u, Telecell (Malta) - red & black

[27] 10u, Telecell (Malta) - red & black

[28] 20u, Telecell (Malta) - red & black

[29] 10u, Telecell (Malta) - blue & green

[30] 20u, Telecell (Malta) - blue & green

[31] 5u, 07.95, Irish Phonecard News - numbered {252}

[32] 5u, 07.95, Irish Phonecard News - no number {25}

Note:- A complete re-numbering has taken place since the last issue.

Telephone Company of Ireland.

They are conducting a trial at present in University College Dublin.

[1] 20u, 05.94?, University College Dublin, {?}, Delphic

[2] 5u, 06.95, Concise Irish Callcard Catalogue, {500}, Delphic

[3] ?u, ?, Callcards by Post, {?}, ?

D.I.T. Irish related cards - Remote Memory.

Almost Finally...

Before I finish I feel that I must address the possibility - has the bubble burst here for phonecard collecting?

Numbers at the Kilmainhan Fair, especially on Sunday appeared to be slightly down on last years event, and there were some disgruntled dealers. While the July fair in Cork's Imperial Hotel was a resounding success, C.I.P.E. in September was abysmal to say the least, with many stands not taking even 50 which left many struggling to even cover the cost of the table with their takings, while one had sympathy for those who had travelled to the show from the U.K. Apparently even the Newmann House fair is finding it more difficult to attract dealers now.

What has caused this? I have identified a number of factors...

1. Many collectors especially more junior collectors appear to have left the hobby. It seems that many were hoping to make a 'fortune' from their cards, which never was realistic in the first place.

2. The proliferation of Irish related cards, which form a large part of dealer sales, has created a slump in demand for them as it is almost impossible to keep up with all the new issues. Collectors are less likely to spend on Irish cards from the dealers, many of which are available at face from Telecom Eireann or can be found used in the phonecard booths.

3. There was a time when there were only one or two events a year which one could attend, now there many more fairs. More fairs does not necessarily mean more money to be spent by each individual. Money which was saved up for one big show is now spread over many.

4. Many disgruntled collectors were the result of the private cards issued by Telecom Eireann where non members of the TE club ended up having to pay high prices for these cards or end up with gaps in their collection. For many junior collectors, these proved to be a source of frustration thus causing a decline in the collecting numbers. Also this applies similarly to such cards as Football & Hurling and other pricier cards. Many collectors found that having easily obtained most of the cards, they were finding the cost prohibitive for the remaining cards. These were not the type to spend with the dealers, but they still formed part of the exodus from the hobby.

Some measures are required to instil further interest in the hobby before interest dies further. Telecom's fair mentioned earlier appears to be a step in the right direction on their part. Stampa, run by An Post each year should be studied by TE - indeed the collectors service in An Post and the lengths they go to try and create an interest in stamp collecting especially among kids should be examined. Also Collectors Clubs should try and promote the hobby more perhaps by hosting exhibitions or other such events.

Phonecard collecting unfortunately seems to be permeated by too many people at present who are out for the fast buck, and not with a genuine love of the hobby. Something similar happened to stamps in the past and they seem to have learned from it, but lets try to prevent it happening to phonecards before its too late.

Variation Notes.

Design a Callcard

Communications 95
Call Box
Brazilian Challenge
Voices of the World
Guardian Direct
Suzuki Convention
Tracey Solicitors
Rose of Tralee 1995
European Hockey
Great Connaught Exhibition
United Nations
ACC Bank
Reach Out
Time Out
An tOireachtas 1995

Any questions or comments why not E-mail me at tintori@iol.ie.
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